Frequently Asked Questions 

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Buying a Bike 

Q: I want to buy a bike. What do I do? 
A: All of our bikes are now sold at our Trinity Market Cycle Hub in Hull. You can pop in during our open hours or call our onsite mechanic on 07869 680 943
Q: Can I reserve a bike that I have seen? 
A: Unfortunately not no. If a bike you like has gone by the time you visit us, we have plenty of other bikes available. 
Q: Do you accept card payments? 
A: Yes we do! 
Q: I'm looking for a specific type of bike, can you help me? 
A: As we rely on donations, we can't say what types of bike we will have in stock. You are best to come down to our unit to have a look for yourself or call onsite mechanic on 07869 680 943
Q: Do you sell electric bikes? 
A: It is very rare that we will have an electric bike for sale as we rely on donations. If we do have one, we will advertise it. 

Donating a Bike 

Q: I want to donate a bike but it's missing some parts, will you take it?? 
A: Yes we will. We accept bike donations in any condition, including kids bikes. 
Q: I have a donation, how do I get it to you? 
A: Bikes can be donated at the Cottingham workshop, ERYC Depot (Beverley), Driffield Showground, Bridlington Foreshores Office, Trinity Market, or South bank at Normanby Hall, or the Scunthorpe workshop. 
Q: I don't live near any of the donation stations, what do I do? 
A: Contact our office and we can collect your details. We will contact you when we are collectin in you area. This may take time as we rely on van and volunteer availability. 

Servicing and Repairs 

Q: Do you offer servicing and repairs? 
A: Yes we do! At Trinity Market, Hull University and at our Hull Community Hubs. 
Q: I'm not sure what needs fixing on my bike, can you help? 
A: Bring your bike down to one of our workshops where one of our mechanics will provide you with a free assessment of what work needs doing to your bike. 
Q: Do I need to book my bike in before I bring it? 
A: You can drop your bike in anytime during our open hours, however we can't promise our mechanics will be able to conduct the repair straight away. 

General Enquiries 

Q: What are your opening times? 
A: Cottingham: Monday - Thursday 08:30 - 16:30, and closing at 16:00 on a Friday. 
Trinity: Monday – Saturday 08:30 till 16:30 
Q: Are you a business? 
A: No, R-evolution are a charity. Any profit goes straight back into our projects. 
Q: Where do you get your bikes from? 
A: All our bikes are donated by the public. We do not offer trade ins or buy bikes off individuals in exchange for discounts on our retail bikes. 
Q: Where are you based? 
A: Our main bases are in: 
Cottingham - Through the train station car park 
Trinity market - Hull City Centre 
Hull University - Opposite Wilberforce Building 
Q: I'm interested in volunteering with R-evolution, how do I get involved? 
A: Contact our office on 01482 844422 or email [email protected] and we'll see how you can get involved. You can also check our latest volunteer vacancies here. 
Q: I'm interested in joining one of your training programmes, how do I get involved? 
A: If you would like to be a part of either our Horticulture Project or Bike Project then please contact Francesca, our People Development Manager: [email protected] / 01482 844422 

Events and Courses 

Q: What is a bike library? 
A: A Bike Library is where 30 donated and refurbished bikes are taken to a school, organisation or community venue and giving away to those would need it. They also get a brand new helmet! 
Q: What is a Dr Bike? 
A: A Dr Bike is where a mechanic or two will come to a school, organisation or public venue and offer free cycle servicing or minor repairs to as many bikes as they can. This can include puncture repairs, replacing brake and gear cables, or a simple service and chain oiling. 
Q: What is a Cycle Maintenance Course? 
A: A cycle maintenance course is a crash course with a professional mechanic in small groups: these courses range from ½ hour, 1 hour and 3 hour sessions. 
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