To celebrate the launch of our new blog page, we would like to take a moment to answer some of your questions about R-evolution. 

Who Are We? 

R-evolution is a charity based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, dedicated to keeping the community active and fighting climate change. We have been providing valuable services to the Humber and East Lincolnshire areas since 2014, and we have no intention of stopping anytime soon. 
At R-evolution we like to keep ourselves busy with a whole host of projects. We reach out to different communities through programs such as our Community Cycle Hubs and Dr Bike services. We conduct hands-on training programs like our Normanby Hall horticulture workshops. We sell refurbished, recycled bicycles at our busy retail locations such as our Trinity Market store. In short, we’re always trying to find new and exciting ways to keep the community outdoors, on their feet and riding on their bikes. 
We’re very proud of what we do at R-evolution, we want to make getting outdoors and getting active an option for everybody. This way we can do our part in making our communities happier, healthier and greener places. 

Why Are We So Obsessed With Bicycles? 

You may have noticed…we love bicycles. 
This is because one of our biggest focuses at R-evolution is what we call the Bike Project. Our Bike Project can be traced all the way back to the original idea of R-evolution; giving prison workers the opportunity to gain cycle mechanic training by repairing and refurbishing local donor’s bikes, then distributing those bikes back into the community. 
That’s how it started, but now the Bike Project has grown into a many cogged machine, with gears turning across both sides of the Humber. 

What Does The Bike Project Include? 

There are many parts to our Bike Project. 
There’s our Community Cycle Hubs, service hubs which aim to make cycling services available and accessible to the local area. Our experienced mechanics travel back and forth between these hubs, giving free cycle servicing, repairs, and advice. 
We also have our Bike Libraries. Picture your classic, community library, but with bikes instead of books. Then imagine that library traveling between different schools, businesses, and organisations, giving out free bike loans to help keep local people actively commuting – reducing congestion and emissions in built-up areas. 
In the summer months we like to head to the seaside with All Ride, bringing with us a fleet of specially adapted bicycles. We spend the day lending these bicycles to those with disabilities and mobility issues so that they can enjoy a sunny ride down Bridlington Promenade – for free! 
There’s also our Trinity Market Store, our Hull University Bike Hub, our Cottingham and Scunthorpe workshops, and much, much more! 

Why Are We Always Banging On About Horticulture? 

We are very proud of our green fingers here at R-evolution, and we’re constantly getting our hands muddy with the Horticulture Project. 
We’re giddy for anything gardening, we believe it’s a great way to get active and give back. That’s why we’ve been cultivating our Horticulture Project, turning it into the massively successful training program it’s become today. 
Working with local volunteers and trainees, we use our Horticulture Project to teach the community a host of gardening skills, from planting seeds and propagation to pruning and cultivation. At the end of our courses our trainees leave with an accredited City and Guilds Horticulture Qualification, a valuable skillset to aid them in future endeavours. 
Our main project is at Normanby Hall, where we assist the staff with horticultural upkeep, keeping the grounds green and enhancing the natural beauty of Normanby Hall. Come see some of our wonderful work in the Walled Garden where you’re sure to spot one of our dedicated volunteers or take a stroll around the picturesque Wellbeing Garden we helped create. 

How To Get Involved With R-evolution? 

We work tirelessly at R-evolution, but that doesn’t mean we’re not massively appreciative of a helping hand. By donating a bicycle, accessing our service, or volunteering with us, you can help keep the R-evolution wheels turning. 
Explore our website to find out more about what we do or contact us at 01482 844 422 for more information. 
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