What is a Community Cycle Hub? 

In England, nearly half of people aged 5 and over own or have access to a bicycle. 
However, where do you go if your bicycle breaks down? If you’re in desperate need of a repair, or if you need advice on anything cycling related? 
The answer is the Community Cycle Hub. 
The idea of a Community Cycle Hub is simple but effective. A space that gives the community reliable cycling services come rain or shine; cycle hubs can become a key part of their local area. Providing cycling services that would otherwise be unavailable, a Cycle Hub is an important facility which gives residents the support to travel actively. 
An active community is a happy community. Active travel has proven benefits to both physical and mental wellbeing. Community Cycle Hubs are sure-fire, easily accessible support systems that give people the tools they need to start living their healthiest, most independent lives. 
R-evolution Volunteers at The Peel Street Hub. 

R-evolution’s Hub Revolution 

R-evolution’s Community Cycle Hubs aim to bring valuable cycle services to the Humber area. 
Currently operating at 3 separate locations across Hull, as well as performing outreaches to schools via the Tigers Trust, R-evolution’s Community Cycle Hubs have kept almost 1’800 people biking through a combination of bike loans and bike repairs. 
A Cycle Hub doesn’t just have to operate as a typical mechanics shop, it can also be a place to engage, interact and learn. Through activities such as build-a-bike training courses, guided bike rides, maintenance demonstrations and cycle confidence training, R-evolution’s Community Cycle Hubs have had a positive impact on the local population’s lives, giving a welcome boost to the community’s health and helping to reduce the carbon emissions created in the local area. 
More than just a service, these hubs are becoming a social space, creating connections within the community. Working with local community centres such as Goodwin Trust, Child Dynamix and The Peel Project, R-evolution’s Community Cycle Hubs give the local people a place to navigate getting active and ensure they have access to sustainable travel through cycling services. 
R-evolution volunteer Barry working at The Preston Road Hut. 

The Hubs 

R-evolution runs 3 Community Cycle Hubs in the Humber area: 
• Peel Street Projects (Mondays) 
• The Preston Road Hut (Tuesdays and Thursdays) 
• Goodwin Trust (Wednesdays and Fridays) 
Operating on a rotating schedule and working with a variety of local authorities, the R-evolution cycle hubs are self-sustaining workshops run by community volunteers, who take maintenance expertise and share their knowledge with the community. 
‘Just been and got my bike fixed, the person there was so friendly, will definitely go again’ - Preston Road User 
These hubs give people the know-how to keep themselves cycling; helping them travel to work, allowing them access to cycling as a leisure activity, and giving them the ability to reduce their carbon footprint. 
‘Just bumped into Barry and Liam cracking set of lads just fixed my bike’ -Hub User 
With 2 new cycle pods installed at Hub locations and nearly 3’500 community members engaged in the last year, R-evolution’s Community Cycle Hubs have been able to reach a significant portion of the Humber population. A proven example of how an active and social space can have a positive impact on the local area, these hubs are an invaluable service to the community. 

Accessing Community Cycle Hubs 

Cycle hubs are an innovative and exciting concept, one that can invigorate a local community and boost cycling activity in the area.  
If you’re looking to access cycling services in the Humber region, check out R-evolution’s Community Cycle Hub timetable, contact the Hub mechanics during hub hours at 07481 986 454, or email for [email protected] for more information. 
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